Stories that no one knows

At the time of the birth of MMA, most athletes did not have the opportunity to play their favorite sport. I had to make money in other ways. An example of this is Dan Severn – a pioneer in mixed martial arts.

Now known as a world-class fighter, he ended his career long ago. Few people know that before he discovered the career of a fighter, he moonlighted as a writer for Penthouse magazine to stay afloat.

Jeff Monson. Everyone knows the muzzle, the killer in the ring of MMA. He became famous for his ruthlessness towards the opponent and tough fighting. It is terrible to think that such a person worked as a family counselor and child psychologist.

The amazing personality of Keith Jardine. Before starting a career in combat, he tried himself in all areas: he worked as a collector, a hunter for fugitive criminals, and a football coach. Sometimes life unfolded in the back seat that I had to work as a miner.

But after directing his forces in the right direction of mixed martial arts, Jardine calmed down and became a professional fighter at MMA.

Mitrko Krokop Felipovich is an outstanding fighter. Few people know that in the past he worked as a deputy in the Croatian Parliament. Mirko admits that he was fond of martial arts before, but the status of a deputy did not allow him to realize his dreams.

Later, he left the post and professionally began to engage in MMA, which brought a high income.

Top failed fighters

As in any sport, a medal has 2 sides: one shines and the other is dull. In mixed martial arts, there are successful athletes, and there are those who have gone out before they even started. As soon as MMA began to gain momentum, every athlete and athlete tried himself.

A striking example is the strongman Mirush Pudzyanovsky. The Polish bodybuilder competed in all competitions for the strength and beauty of the body. In 2009, believing in himself, he decided to try his hand at MMA, where his wrestler career ended. Miros was nicknamed the one-round fighter. He simply lacked the stamina to survive until the end of the first round.

Jo Son is an Asian fighter. Black belt in taekwondo. Joe is involved in many criminal schemes and is currently a prisoner for life. Honor to such an athlete who managed to try his hand everywhere. He set a professional martial arts record of 4 losses without a single win at MMA.

James Toney is a very talented boxer. He had great fights in the ring in his weight category. But one day, while gathering with friends, he decided to switch to a professional MMA career. Despite a long preparation, in the first fight he met with the legend Randy Couture. As a result, he lost with tough complex injuries. Career in one fight.