Latest Titan Mercury results

The world-famous wrestling club Titan Mercury went to Iran to fight with the best wrestling clubs in Mair and defend their title of invincible. This year Iran presents the strongest players to date. They chose a new tactic and took a different path: they chose wrestlers from different countries, which increases the chances of winning.

Newcomers to this mix are a strong international team from Dagestan, which has a strong line-up. The Iranian wrestling comunity Bimeh Razi and Titan Mercury have had a strong rivalry and respected rivalry since the very first days of the Club World Wrestling Championship.

The Cup was created back in 2014 and is held every year. For the first 2 years, the Iranian wrestling team won prizes. Mercury’s titan was inferior only in the final. However, last year the Titan Mercury snatched victory from the clutches of its competitor, although the forces were equal.

In the very final, the wrestling team was led to victory by such fighters as Nazar Kulchitsky, Alex Deeringer, David Taylor and Kyle Snyder.

Future competitions will be held in Iran, which give a certain advantage in the direction of the enemy. In wrestling clubs, as in football, it is allowed to invite foreign participants to the roster. The Iranian team does not graze the rear and has acquired wrestlers from other countries.

Last year, the community limited itself to two athletes, and this year there are 4 foreign wrestlers who will increase the chances of winning.

Iranian Mercenaries vs Thoroughbred Titan Mercury

The Iranian team Bemeh Razi, in order not to fall into the mud, decided to cheat and bought Russian athletes for little money. All hope for Iran falls on the 2017 silver champion Khetag Sabolov, who represents the category up to 74 kg. In the category up to 79 kg, Iran will be represented by Aniur Geduev – the silver medalist of 2016, and 2 more unknown fighters.

But the named line-up does not scare the Titan Mercury community, because they have been preparing for the event for a whole year and have studied the tricky tricks of their opponents—é

The team will be led by three-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist Kyle Snyder in the 97 kg weight category. Thomas Givman will represent the team in the weight category up to 57 kg. The bronze medalist of the World Championship Nick Vyazdovsky performed in pairs with him. High hopes are headed for Jayden Cox. This is his debut in world club competitions.

In their reserve, the Titans have about a dozen titled wrestlers who definitely not give up to the Iranian organization. You can follow all the news of the team on the official website on Twitter, where tickets and free broadcasts are raffled off for regular subscribers. Choose your favorite wrestler and cheer for the whole team.