Randy Couture is number one at the octagon

MMA as a sport in which fighters feel like newcomers, including former Olympians.
The presented fighters won a sea of ​​victories and achievements before the championship in MMA. But world recognition was received only after success in the octagon.

Fighter of MMA number 1 Randy Couture. He began his martial arts career in 1997. He showed decent results, won championships in heavy and light heavyweight. Slava Couture in the octagon moved faster than himself.

Sports analysts called Randy gifted. Few people know that he is an Olympic wrestling champion6. In 1991 he became the gold medalist of the Panama American Wrestling Olympiad. It was after winning gold in the Olympics that the athlete realized he needed something more. Since then, he began to develop skills in other martial arts to become a worthy participant in MMA.

Ben Askren undefeated fighter

The athlete distinguished himself by a short career in martial arts, in which he remained the undisputed welterweight champion. Askren was preparing for the Olympics in MMA, and did not get to it.

In absentia, he is one of the greatest Olympians in martial arts, who never took part in the competition. Despite a short career, Ben exceeded all expectations, history will speak of him forever.

Hector Lombard incomparable judoka

In fights without rules, he takes pride of place in the middle weight category. Hector has participated in the Olympic Games around the world since 2000. At the world championships in judo, he received gold 7 times.

He did not consider silver and bronze as a victory or achievement. In judo, Hector reached the peak of his skill and decided to try himself in the octagon of MMA. A man quickly began to dominate his rivals and since 2006 he has never lost.

Dan Henderson is the most experienced Olympian

A fighter nicknamed Hendo is recognized as the strongest fighter in the light heavyweight division. He takes pride of place in the UFS Hall of Fame, as well as a bright representative of the old school in MMA.

He tried to finish all his fights in the octagon with a knockout. Officially, he completed 13 wins by knockout in the first round. At the moment, Hendo has become an example and inspires the younger generation. The rich experience of the fighter put him on the pedestal of the top best mixed martial arts athletes.

Daniel Cormier – multiple Olympic champion

Cormier glorified the first sensational fight with the legend Gary Frazier, where he won the first victory. He had 9 unbeaten fights on his way to MMA Heavyweight Championship.

Before the championship, he showed himself no worse: he was the captain of the freestyle team in 2008, he took 4 medals at the Old Olympic Games. Cormier is a kind of Mohamed Ali only in MMA.

He inspires recruits by his example.