MMA review on fingers

This is a professional sport that includes various areas of martial arts. The sport was born after a long dispute in the championship between karate, wrestling, boxing, sambo, judo. Often MMA is confused with fights without rules, but this is not so. There are developed safety rules that participants must follow.

The fighters of this sport, unlike others, are universal. They can start a fight with their hands like in boxing, and finish with painful blows and karate techniques. The success of a fighter in his career depends on self-development in related sports. The more martial arts a player masters, the more successful and versatile he is.

In the modern world, MMA is considered a young sport, but not quite so. Its roots go deep into the years before our era. The closest relative of the discipline is the ancient Greek pankration. The competition of MMA included a mixture of wrestling, illegal techniques and fisticuffs.

Pankration gathered huge stands of spectators. But the era of gladiator fights came, the previously mentioned spectacle receded into the background. The audience demanded innovation, change and bloodshed.

At the end of the 19th century, there were officially 2 combat schools in Europe, which competed with each other on an ongoing basis. Popularity was gained due to the fact that the fights were illegal. Their organizers earned a lot of money from the fighters.

It is believed that the Gracie brothers and their teacher Mitsuyo Maeda gave a big impetus to the development of MMA. The mentor was a martial artist from Japan. There are legends that it was he who trained the Yakuza fighters.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the great master came to Brazil, where he met Gastan Gracie. So even the little brothers Gracie began to teach martial arts. Soon the brothers grew up, had more than one successful battle, reached the peak of their skills.

They decided to open a school and pass on their skills to others. In history, this sounds like the first jiujitsu school in Brazil. The school was gaining rapid momentum in popularity in Brazil and everyone wanted to get into this particular school. there were competitions called Vale-tudo in translation “everything is permitted.” In fact, there were some security rules.

The first official fight was between two legends Muhammad Ali and Japanese legend Kanji Inoki. The meeting had a huge impact on the further development of MMA.

Official adoption of MMA

In the 90s, modern mixed martial arts had its own niche in the sport. Soon, mixed martial arts schools were created in different parts of the world. To create a professional league, the first world competitions of the UFC were held.

The winner was Royce Gracie, one of the brothers mentioned earlier. The UFC had its own ideas about this, the main goal was show, entertainment and money. Once they released an advertisement with the slogan “No rules in combat.” As a result, fights began to be banned both offline and on TV. The UFC went bankrupt without advertising.

In 2000, the UFC was bought by a sports promotion company in the United States, which carried out a complete restyling. First of all, strict rules of combat were established, conflicts with commissions were settled. It took a year to prove the safety of the fights. In 2001, the UFC blossomed like a phoenix and returned to the legal field.

In parallel, on the other side of the world, in 1997, the PFC organization appeared. And in the same year the first battle was held. Subsequently, the company was bought by the same organization as the UFC.

Currently, MMA is one of the most popular sports that is only gaining momentum. New schools appear, new stars train. According to statistics, the demand for tickets is only growing, media requests are only increasing. Up to the inclusion of the variety in the list of the Olympic Games.

Rules in the MMA Octagon

In the modern world, an octagon in the form of a cage is associated with MMA obreveatura. The professional name of the ring is “octagon”. It is an octagonal shape, protected by a soft safe case, and a mesh is leash for the safety of the participants themselves. Consider the specific rules in discipline.

  1.  Hits and pushes with the head are prohibited.
  2.  Blows to the back of the head, groin and neck are excluded
  3.  Eye poke is not allowed.
  4.  Biting and scratching is prohibited in combat.
  5.  Punches to the spine are prohibited, and finishing only with hands controlled by the referee.

The battle stops in the following cases:

  • voluntary surrender;
  • knockout;
  • technical knockout;
  • by decision of the judges;
  • technical solution;
  • a draw.

MMA has its own list of equipment that will be as safe as possible in a fight.

First of all – shorts, which have their own standard. Protective bandage for special fingerless gloves. A bandage on the groin from foreseen injuries, as well as a mouthguard on the jaw. Fights take place exclusively barefoot. In an aggressive discipline, for violation of the rules, they are excluded from the discipline without trial.

Women in MMA

Despite the fact that it is a violent sport, among women it is gaining more and more activity. Interestingly, in terms of entertainment on the battlefield, women’s fights prevail over men’s. Women’s fights are limited by category. Includes only 4 out of a possible 9.

minimum weight 48-52 kg (only for women)

  • flyweight 53-57 kg
  •  light weight 57-61 kg
  • featherweight 60-61 kg.

The fight between a man and a woman is excluded from MMA, but in order to determine the best of the best, such a format would add ranking to the sport around the world.