Unsubstantiated accusation of Boyd

As for Boyd’s news, he was charged with 8 counts over an incident that took place at his home in 2016. Wayne is currently acquitted of 3 counts but found guilty of 5. But he does not give up and will file an appeal in order to remove all charges from himself. After which he resigned from the Titan Mercury wrestling club.

Recall Wayne Boyd is a co-founder and development director of the Titan Mercury wrestling club, and the case that tarnished his reputation took place in California, where he is accused of physical assault and rape of two women.

He claims otherwise and said that all the actions were related to the attack on his ranch, and the rape is slander. Boyd’s lawyers insist on his innocence and vigorously appeal to the court until he is acquitted.

Fans contribute to the version of his innocence and talk more and more about his innocence. Wayne devoted his whole life to a wrestling career. He is a three-time Virginia wrestling champion.

Since 1978, he has been in the Hall of Fame in his state, is recognized as an honorary person of the state and devoted his whole life to sports.

Kyle Snyder young Titan Mercury star

Born in 1995 in the USA, state of Merilan. Wrestling had infected him since the school shop. At the age of 17 he won the youth competition in Sofia wrestler. Here his career took off.
Snyder has great achievements to his credit.

In his entire career, out of 18 professional championships, he has only 1 bronze and 4 silver, the rest is gold. In the category up to 97 kg, for the last 5 years he has remained an invincible fighter. In 2015, he won his first gold in the Panama American Games, which was his debut victory.

In 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, he easily snatched a victory from the Azerbaijani wrestler Khetag Gazyumy. In 2017, he won silver at the wrestling World Cup and in the same year took gold at the Panama American World Cup.

The USA awarded the wrestler with the James Sullivon Trophy, becoming the 4th wrestler to win the prize as an outstanding amateur athlete. At the same time, he became not only a gold medalist, but also received the status of the youngest wrestling world champion.

From the first days, the fighter is devoted only to the Titan Mercury club. An interesting fact – from 2015-2017 he won the John Smith Prize. He closely monitors his figure in order to remain the only invincible in his category.

When rivals hear the name Snyder, their wrestling spirit drops, not hoping to win. For some, his name sounds like admiration, while for others it is associated with fear. Despite all the achievements, the wrestling fighter considers himself an amateur, he just likes to win titles.