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Men’s Seeds are Set for the 2018 U.S. Open

By: Todd Conner

USA Wrestling has released the seeds for the 2018 Men’s Freestyle U.S. Open. Titan Mercury Wrestling Club is the four-time defending U.S. Open Team Champions and the list below makes the chances of making it five in a row looking pretty good.

TMWC has six wrestlers seeded number one in Joe Colon (61 kg), 2016 World champion Logan Stieber (65 kg), 2016 Olympian Frank Molinaro (70 kg), 2X NCAA National champion Isaiah Martinez (74 kg), 4X NCAA National champion Kyle Dake (79 kg), and 2016 Olympic and 2017 World Silver medalist J’Den Cox (92 kg).

TMWC has several of their star wrestlers that have automatically qualified for Super X that are not competing at the U.S. Open: 2X World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Kyle Snyder (97 kg), 2017 World Silver medalist Thomas Gilman (57 kg), and 2017 World Bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski (125 kg).

Without Snyder, Gilman, and Gwiazdowski, it will be a true test of the depth, talent, and dominance of TMWC in their quest to win five straight U.S. Open team titles. The quest to capture team title number five begins at 9 AM PST tomorrow.


57 kg
1. Tony Ramos (Sunkist Kids)
2. Daton Fix (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm)
5. Darian Cruz (New York AC/Lehigh Valley WC)
6. Tim Lambert (Sunkist Kids)
7. Daniel DeShazer (Minnesota Storm)
8. Zane Richards (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Josh Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC)
10. Eddie Klimara (Titan Mercury WC)
11. David Terao (DCAC)

61 kg
1. Joe Colon (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Jon Morrison (New York AC)
3. Nahshon Garrett (Sunkist Kids)
4. Brandon Wright (New York AC)
5. Cody Brewer (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Tyler Graff (Titan Mercury WC)
7. Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids)
8. Nico Megaludis (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Cory Clark (Titan Mercury WC)
10. Chris Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
11. Alan Waters (Titan Mercury WC)
12. Darrius Little (New York AC)

65 kg
1. Logan Stieber (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Joey McKenna (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Josh Kindig (Sunkist Kids)
5. John Simmons (New York AC)
6. Nick Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
7. Anthony Abidin (New York AC)
8. Joey Lazor (Panther WC)
9. Jaydin Eierman (Missouri Wrestling RTC)
10. Jayson Ness (Minnesota Storm)
11. Robbie Matthers (Sunkist Kids)

70 kg
1. Frank Molinaro (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Chase Pami (Sunkist Kids)
3. Alec Pantaleo
4. Jason Chamberlain (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Hunter Stieber (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Dylan Ness (Minnesota Storm)
7. Hayden Hidlay (Wolfpack WC)
8. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)
9. Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton WC)

74 kg
1. Isaiah Martinez (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Dan Vallimont (New York AC)
3. Quinton Godley (Wolfpack WC)
4. Evan Wick (Titan Mercury WC)

79 kg
1. Kyle Dake (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Michael Evans (Buies Creek RTC)
4. Josh Asper (Navy-Marine Corps)

86 kg
1. David Taylor (Nittany Lions WC)
2. Richard Perry (New York AC)
3. Pat Downey (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Tim Dudley (Sunkist Kids)

92 kg
1. J’den Cox (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota Storm)
3. Enock Francois (New York AC)
4. Deron Winn (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Kenny Courts (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Josh Manu (Navy-Marines Corp)
7. Nikko Reyes (Valley RTC)

97 kg
1. Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids)
2. Ty Walz (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Nathan Burak (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Austin Schafer (New York AC)
5. Blaize Cabell (Valley RTC)

125 kg
1. Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids)
2. Zach Rey (New York AC)
3. Jake Varner (Nittany Lion WC)
4. Adam Coon (New York AC)
5. Gable Steveson (Minnesota Storm)
6. Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm)
7. Tanner Hall (Arizona State)
8. Michael Kosoy (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Johnathan Gingrich (New York AC)

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