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The Poland Open in Warsaw featured most of team USA’s 2018 women’s World team. With four of the ten wrestlers on team USA being TMWC members, this was a great chance to see our women in action before they compete for World titles in Budapest this October.

At 65 kg., Forrest Molinari claimed bronze with at pin against 2016 Olympian Adela Hanzlickova from the Czech republic with 42 seconds left in the match.

At 68 kg., Tamyra Mensah Stock claimed bronze after a win over a well known opponent, Alla Belinska of the Ukraine. Stock faced off against Belinska in her opening match of the 2017 World Championships. This weekend Stock was victorious again with a 5-0 win over the Ukrainian.

At 55 kg., Jacarra Winchester took 5th place after advancing through repechage. Winchester lost to 6x World and Olympic medalist Sofia Mattsson of Sweden in the bronze medal bout, 10-0.

At 62 kg., Mallory Velte dropped her opening bout to U23 World Silver and European Champion Ilona Prokopevniuk of the Ukraine, 8-2. Velte was not pulled back into repechage.

The playing field on the men’s side was completely different. USA did not send the World team members, instead this tournament was highlighted with many young up and coming wrestlers, along with several veteran national team members. Also, on the men’s side, the Russian national team had used this tournament as a wrestle off for two of their weight classes, which created additional hype for this UWW ranking event.

At 61 kg., Cory Clark’s placed 3rd whenMagomedrasul Idrisov of Russia forfeited in the bronze bout. Russians Magomedrasul Idrisov and World Silver medalist Gadzhimurad Rashidov both wrestled at 61 kg., with a spot on the 2018 World team on the line. When they met up in the semifinals, it was Rashidov that came up with the win and the inevitable spot on the Russian World team. However, Clark’s road to the bronze bout was full of great challenges and experiences. In his opening bout, Cory Clark came up with a solid win against 2X World medalist, Vladimirov Dubov of Bulgaria. To advance to the quarters where he faced off against Russia’s Gadzhimurad Rashidov. As Clark was pulled into repechage, he won his bout against veteran Yo Nakata of Japan to advance to the bronze medal bout.

Joe Colon also claimed bronze after dropping his first bout against U23 World finalist, Kuat Amirtayev of Kazakhstan, 13-5. In his bronze bout. Colon earned a solid 11-0 tech fall over Pingping Zhou of China.

At 70 kg., Brandon Sorensen’s claimed bronze with a 3-2 decision over Norbert Lukacs of Hungary. Sorensen made it to the semifinals where he came up against Kazakhstan’s veteran Amandyk Bakeyev. In the semifinals, the Kazak started off with a solid lead over Sorensen, however Sorensen surged with a series of pushouts to almost take the win. In the end, Sorensen would claim bronze.

At 57 kg., Frank Perrelli took 5th place after dropping his bout to young up and comer, Georgios Pilidis of Greece, 12-6.

At 65 kg., Jaydin Eierman earned a fall against 2016 World Silver medalist, Beka Lomtadze of Georgia at only the 1:04 mark in the match. Eierman ended up with another exciting match against former World team member George Burcur of Romania. This time Eierman dropped the high scoring bout, 21-10.

Dean Heil also did not place after dropping his first bout to 2016 World bronze medalistAkhmed Chakaev of Russia, 10-0. Heil was pulled into repechage, however he lost a close bout to Krzysztof Bienkowski of Poland, Dec 4-3.

At 86 kg., Patrick Downey lost a close quarterfinals match, 6-4, to 2018 Mediterranean Games silver medalist, Akhmed Aibuev of France. Downey hit a takedown with just seconds left in the bout where it looked like he was the winner. After review, Aibuev was awarded the match and Downey was not pulled into repechage.

Kenny Courts’s also dropped his quarterfinal against former World team member Piotr Ianulov of Moldova, 10-0.

TMWC performances:

65 kg. – Forrest Molinari: bronze

68 kg. – Tamyra Mensah:  bronze

55 kg. – Jacarra Winchester: 5th place

62 kg. – Mallory Velte: DNP

61 kg. – Cory Clark: bronze

61 kg. – Joe Colon: bronze

70 kg. – Brandon Sorensen: bronze

57 kg. – Frank Perrelli: 5th place

65 kg. – Jaydin Eierman: DNP

65 kg. – Dean Heil: DNP

86 kg. – Patrick Downey: DNP

86 kg. – Kenny Courts: DNP


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AWL I: The Beginning, moves to November 30thin Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The American Wrestling Leaguehas postponed its August 18 show, AWL I The Beginning, “The Greatest Wrestling Show on Earth!”, to November 30, 2018. AWL will remain at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. All tickets sold for the August 18, 2018 event will be honored on November 30 or money will be refunded to those who cannot attend on November 30, 2018.

Along with the American Wrestling League launching its inaugural event, many of the greatest Iowa wrestlers will be recognized along with the state of Iowa’s great fans and supporters of our sport of wrestling over the last 50 years.

In addition to recognizing Iowa for all its contributions to wrestling, USA Wrestling and the U.S. Wrestling Foundation will present the Big Checks from the Living the Dream Medal Fund to USA’s medalists from the World Championships.

Kyle Snyder, David Taylor, Kyle Dake, Logan Stieber, Frank Molinaro, Isaiah Martinez, Alex Dieringer, along with Iowa standout wrestlers, Cory Clark, Brandon Sorensen, Sammy Brooks, Joe Colon, and many more, are slotted for the action-packed event at the U.S. Cellular Center on November 30TH.

The AWL will bring publicity to our sport of wrestling and increase the income for wrestlers who work so hard while they build their lives. Every match has a $10,000.00 prize, $2,500.00 for each wrestler to compete, with the winner earning a $5,000.00 prize bonus. These competitions will occur all over the United States and our intention is to eventually lead to a four to ten team league that competes for money and annual championship during a planned season.

The American Wrestling League is extremely thankful to all its partners and sponsors who have committed to supporting AWL I The Beginning. The AWL’s partners and sponsors include: USA Wrestling, The United States Wrestling Foundation, NWCA, Resilite, ScrapLife, Pure and Clean Sports, TrackWrestling, Takedown Radio, The Hawkeye Wrestling Club, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club and BTSLA.

It is time to elevate the great sport of Wrestling to a much anticipated professional level and shine a light on the best American wrestlers in the world. Our millions of dedicated fans have been waiting for this moment. Join us in Iowa and watch history being made.

Please follow us in Twitter, Instagram and Like us on Facebook.

Visit our Website for more details

Tickets go on sale August 20that

PPV Live Streaming will be provided at


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By: Todd Conner

Titan Mercury Wrestling Club won their fifth straight team title at the 2018 Men’s Freestyle U.S. Open. TMWC crowned five U.S. Open champions and outscored second place Sunkist Kids
147-54 for the team title. Joe Colon won the match of the night in the 61 kg/134 lbs. finals with an exciting 20-13 win over Nahshon Garrett. With more matches like this, wrestling would be a star attraction on TV.

Colon was named as the Outstanding Wrestler of the U.S. Open. Colon will now go directly to Final X in a best of three format in Bethlehem, PA on June 23. Jason Chamberlin wrestled a great tournament that ended with a 4-1 decision over Hayden Hidlay to win the title at 70 kg/154 lbs. Hidley will automatically be qualified for the best of three finals of the World Team Trials Tournament in Rochester, MN on May 20. The winner of the WTT will face defending World Silver medalist James Green at Final X on June 9 in Lincoln, NE. Isaiah Martinez made it look way too easy in winning a U.S. Open title at 74 kg/163 lbs. with a 10-0 tech fall over Dan Vallimont. IMar was on fire all weekend and was very impressive and dominating. IMar will now automatically be qualified for the best of three finals of the World Team Trials Tournament in Rochester, MN on May 20. The winner of that matchup will face defending World champion Jordan Burroughs in Final X on June 9 in Lincoln, NE. It was an all-TMWC finals at 79 kg/174 lbs. and what a great match it was. Kyle Dake edged Alex Dieringer in a thrilling 5-5 criteria match that came down to a review to end the match. I definitely expect to see Dieringer win the WTT in Rochester and face Dake in the Final X in State College, PA on June 16. J’Den Cox defeated Hayden Zillmer 2-0 to win the U.S. Open title at 92 kg/202 lbs. Cox is so hard to score on and will only get better at this new weight class. Cox has now qualified for the Final X best of three tournament in Bethlehem, PA on June 23. The quality and depth of TMWC was on full display at the U.S. Open as a team title was won by a huge margin. Factor in that Kyle Snyder, Thomas Gilman, and Nick Gwiazdowski were automatically qualified for Final X and not competing at the Open for TMWC makes this performance even more impressive. To win a tournament of this magnitude five years in a row is very impressive. Now it is time to turn our attention to the World Team Trials Tournament in Rochester, MN on May 19-20. TMWC will be well represented and there will no doubt be some very exciting wrestling for fans to watch.

At Las Vegas, NV April 28

Men’s freestyle results
57 kg/125.5 lbs.
1st – Tony Ramos, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Daton Fix, Sand Springs, Okla. (Titan
Mercury WC), 2-2
3rd – Zach Sanders, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) dec. Frank Perrelli, Charlottesville, Va.
(TMWC), 4-3
5th – David Terao, Washington, D.C. (DCAC) tech. fall Brent Fleetwood, Smyrna, Del. (Bison WC),
10-0 3:15
7th – Edward Klimara, Joliet, Ill. (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Skyler Petry, Minneapolis, Minn.
(Minnesota Storm), 10-0 0:19
61 kg/134 lbs.
1st – Joe Colon, Fresno, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Nahshon Garrett, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist
Kids), 20-13
3rd – Nico Megaludis, Murrysville, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC) tech. fall Tyler Graff, Blacksburg, Va.
(TMWC), 10-0 5:34
5th – Brandon Wright, Indianapolis, Ind. (New York AC/Indiana WC) inj. dft. Seth Gross, Rosemount,
Minn. (Sunkist Kids)
7th – Darrius Little, Bethlehem, Pa. (New York AC/LVWC) dec. Jens Lantz, Ellsworth, Wis.
(University of Wisconsin), 5-4
65 kg/143 lbs.
1st – Joseph McKenna, Towaco, N.J. (OSC-unattached) dec. Jaydin Eierman, Columbia, Mo.
(Missouri Wrestling RTC), 7-3
3rd – Logan Stieber, Columbus, Ohio (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Nicholas Dardanes, Iowa City,
Iowa (Titan Mercury WC), 13-2 4:07
5th – Jayson Ness, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) tech. fall Evan Henderson, Chapel Hill,
N.C. (Titan Mercury WC), 10-0 1:44
7th – John Simmons, Williamston, Mich. (New York AC/MWC) tech. fall Robbie Mathers, Phoenix,
Ariz. (Sunkist Kids), 10-0 1:02
70 kg/154 lbs.
1st – Jason Chamberlain, Fresno, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Hayden Hidlay, Lewistown, Pa.
(Wolfpack WC), 4-1
3rd – Alec Pantaleo, Canton, Mich. (Michigan RTC) dec. Dylan Ness, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota
Storm), 8-2
5th – Ryan Deakin. Broomfield, Colo. (Northwestern) inj. dft. Frank Molinaro, Blacksburg, Va. (Titan
Mercury WC)
7th – Griffin Parriott, Webster, Minn. (Boilermaker RTC) VPO1 Josh Reyes, Corvallis, Ore. (Orange
Crush WC), 2-1
74 kg/163 lbs.

1st – Isaiah Martinez, Leemore, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Dan Vallimont, Philadelphia, Pa.
(New York AC/Penn RTC), 10-0
3rd – Jake Sueflohn, Watertown, Wis. (Boilermaker RTC) tech. fall Quinton Godley, Raleigh, N.C.
(Wolfpack WC), 11-0
5th – Evan Wick, San Gabriel, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC/ Univ. of Wisconsin) tech. fall Carson
Brolsma, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm), 10-0, 1:59
7th -Taleb Rahmani, Marysville, Ohio (Pittsburgh WC) tech. fall Nicholas Bonomo, Downers Grove,
Ill. (Warhawk WC), 13-2 3:23
79 kg/174 lbs.
1st – Kyle Dake, Ithaca, N.Y. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Alex Dieringer, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury
WC), 5-5
3rd – Joshua Asper, Annapolis, Md. (Navy-Marine Corps RTC) dec. Michael Evans, Lillington, N.C.
(Buies Creek RTC), 6-1
5th – Nathan Jackson, Princeton, N.J. (NJRTC) tech. fall Ben Harvey West Point, N.Y. (Army West
Point), 10-0 4:30
7th – Stacey Davis, Raleigh, N.C. (Wolfpack WC) tech. fall Michael Thelen, Aurora, Colo. (Western
Colorado WC), 11-0 1:18
86 kg/189 lbs.
1st – David Taylor, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC) dec. Richard Perry, Philadelphia, Pa. (New
York AC/Penn RTC), 8-0
3rd – Nick Reenan, Dallas, Texas (Wolfpack WC) tech. fall Timothy Dudley Columbia, S.C. (Sunkist
Kids), 10-0, 1:45
5th – Austin Coburn, Moseley, Va. (Predator) inj. dft. Ryan McWatters, Hesperia, Calif. (Unattached)
7th – Pat Downey, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Brandon Supernaw, Colorado
Springs, Colo. (Western Colorado WC), 10-0 0:26
92 kg/202.5 lbs.
1st – J’den Cox, Columbia, Mo. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Hayden Zillmer, Minneapolis, Minn.
(Minnesota Storm), 2-0
3rd – Enock Francois. Ithaca, N.Y. (New York AC/FLWC) pin Deron Winn, Ames, Iowa (Titan
Mercury WC), 1:32
5th – Nikko Reyes, Fresno, Calif. (Valley RTC) inj. dft. Timmy McCall, Raleigh, N.C. (Titan Mercury
7th – Cody Walters, Lattimore, N.C. (Bulldog Elite WC) tech. fall Jeremiah Imonode, West Point, N.Y.
(Army West Point), 10-0 2:05
97 kg/213 lbs.
1st – Austin Schafer, Ithaca, N.Y. (New York AC/FLWC) dec. Ty Walz, Blacksburg, Va. (Titan
Mercury WC), 14-7
3rd – Kyven Gadson, Ames, Iowa (Sunkist Kids) dec. Nathan Burak, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury
WC), 3-2
5th – Ben Honis, Jamesville, N.Y (Cornell University) dec. Ross Larson, Des Moines, Iowa (Viking
WC), 13-11

7th – Braden Atwood, Highland Falls, N.Y. (Sunkist Kids) inj. dft. Blaize Cabell Fresno, Calif. (Valley
125 kg/275 lbs.
1st – Adam Coon, Fowlerville, Mich. (NYAC/MWC) dec. Jake Varner, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion
WC), 3-1
3rd – Dom Bradley, Lincoln, Neb. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Gable Steveson, Minneapolis, Minn.
(Minnesota Storm), 2-2
5th – Anthony Nelson, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) dec. Tanner Hall, Meridian, Idaho
(Arizona State), 6-4
7th – Michael Kosoy, Raleigh, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Shawn Streck, Merrillville, Ind.
(Boilermaker RTC), 10-0 0:59
Outstanding Wrestler – Joe Colon (Titan Mercury WC), 61 kg
Div. I champion – Titan Mercury WC, 147
Div. I runner-up – Sunkist Kids, 54
Div. II champion – New York AC, 34
RTC Cup champion – New York RTC
RTC Cup runner-up – Nittany Lion WC


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By: Todd Conner

Powered by three champions, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club won their fifth straight Women’s
U.S. Open team title. TMWC edged the New York Athletic Club for the team title by a score of
Champions for TMWC included Jacarra Winchester who defeated Dominique Parrish, 5-3 for
the title at 55 kg. Alex Hendrick capped off a great tournament by scoring the fall in 2:41 to win
the 57 kg title. Tamara Stock made it look easy with a 10-0 technical fall over Randyll Beltz to
win the title at 68 kg. TMWC also had second place finishes out of Mallory Velte at 62 kg and
Forrest Molinari at 65 kg.
TMWC had eleven wrestlers place in the top 5. Those eleven wrestlers have now qualified for
the Senior World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in Rochester, MN on May 18-20. The
winner of the Challenge Tournament will qualify for the Final X best 2 of 3 format. The winner of
the Final X will be a member of Team USA for the 2018 Women’s World Freestyle
Championships in Budapest, Hungary on October 20-28.
TMWC U.S. Open Results:
50 kg: Amy Fearnside – 4th
53 kg: Cody Pfau – 3rd
55 kg: Jacarra Winchester – Champion
57 kg: Alex Hendrick – Champion
57 kg: Megan Black – 5th
62 kg: Mallory Velte – 2nd
62 kg: Amanda Hendey – 4th
65 kg: Forrest Molinari – 2nd
68 kg: Tamyra Stock – Champion
68 kg: Alexandria Glaude – 3rd
72 kg: Alyvia Fiske – 4th

U.S. Open Finals Results
55 kg/121 lbs.
1st – Jacarra Winchester, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Dominique Parrish,
Scotts Valley, Calif. (Sunkist Kids), 5-3
57 kg/125.5 lbs.
1st – Alex Hedrick (Titan Mercury WC) pin Michaela Beck, New York, N.Y. (New York AC), 2:41
62 kg/136.5 lbs.
1st – Kayla Miracle, Campbellsville, Ky. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Mallory Velte, Sacramento, Calif.
(Titan Mercury WC), 3-0
65 kg/143 lbs.

1st – Julia Salata, Bristol, Tenn. (New York AC) dec. Forrest Molinari, Colorado Springs, Colo.
(Titan Mercury WC), 5-0
68 kg/149.5 lbs.
1st – Tamyra Stock, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Randyll Beltz,
Colorado Springs, Colo. (Army WCAP), 10-0

TMWC advances 5 to the finals at the U.S.Open

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TMWC advances 5 to the finals at the U.S.Open

By: Todd Conner

Titan Mercury Wrestling Club pushed five wrestlers into the finals of the 2018 Women’s U.S.
Open. Jacarra Winchester (55 kg), Alexandra Hedrick (57 kg), Mallory Velte (62 kg), Forrest
Molinari (65 kg), and Tamyra Stock (68 kg) will now compete in the finals of the U.S. Open
tomorrow night at 7 PM PST. When your team has a finalist in half of the weight classes, you
are having a great tournament.
The TMWC wrestlers that dropped their semifinal match are guaranteed to place at the U.S.
Open. TMWC will have ten wrestlers placing in the top six at the U.S. Open. Now it is the
number of U.S. Open champions that will really define the team’s performance at the Open.
Consolation Semifinals begin at 9 AM on Saturday.
Semifinal results
50 kg Whitney Conder (Army (WCAP)) VPO1 Amy Fearnside Colorado Springs, CO
(TMWC), 6-5
53 kg Sarah Hildebrandt Colorado Springs, CO (NYAC) VSU Cody Pfau Brush, CO (TMWC),
11-0 2:49
55 kg Jacarra Winchester Marshall, MO (TMWC) VSU Tayler Resuriz Lebanon, IL
(McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:40
57 kg Alexandra Hedrick Fair Oaks, CA (TMWC) VPO1 Brieana Delgado Edmond, OK (Aries
Wrestling Club), 4-2
62 kg Mallory Velte Sacramento, CA (TMWC) VPO1 Amanda Hendey San Gabriel, CA
(TMWC), 6-1
65 kg Forrest Molinari Benicia, CA (TMWC) VPO1 Alexis Porter Ballston Lake, NY (NYAC),
68 kg Tamyra Stock Colorado Springs, CO (TMWC) VSU Jasmine Bailey Lebanon, IL
(McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:54
72 kg Rachel Watters Ankeny, IA (NYAC/OKC) VSU Alyvia Fiske Napa, CA (TMWC), 11-0
50 kg Alesha Zappitella Conneaut, OH (Scorpion Fighting System) VSU Natalie Reyna
Hesperia, CA (TMWC), 11-0 2:42

57 kg Megan Black Batavia, IA (TMWC) VPO1 Koral Sugiyama Pocatello, ID (Campbellsville
University), 10-6
62 kg Francesca Giorgio (Unattached) VFA Brianna Csontos Amissville, VA (TMWC), 7-2


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Men’s Seeds are Set for the 2018 U.S. Open

By: Todd Conner

USA Wrestling has released the seeds for the 2018 Men’s Freestyle U.S. Open. Titan Mercury Wrestling Club is the four-time defending U.S. Open Team Champions and the list below makes the chances of making it five in a row looking pretty good.

TMWC has six wrestlers seeded number one in Joe Colon (61 kg), 2016 World champion Logan Stieber (65 kg), 2016 Olympian Frank Molinaro (70 kg), 2X NCAA National champion Isaiah Martinez (74 kg), 4X NCAA National champion Kyle Dake (79 kg), and 2016 Olympic and 2017 World Silver medalist J’Den Cox (92 kg).

TMWC has several of their star wrestlers that have automatically qualified for Super X that are not competing at the U.S. Open: 2X World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Kyle Snyder (97 kg), 2017 World Silver medalist Thomas Gilman (57 kg), and 2017 World Bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski (125 kg).

Without Snyder, Gilman, and Gwiazdowski, it will be a true test of the depth, talent, and dominance of TMWC in their quest to win five straight U.S. Open team titles. The quest to capture team title number five begins at 9 AM PST tomorrow.


57 kg
1. Tony Ramos (Sunkist Kids)
2. Daton Fix (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm)
5. Darian Cruz (New York AC/Lehigh Valley WC)
6. Tim Lambert (Sunkist Kids)
7. Daniel DeShazer (Minnesota Storm)
8. Zane Richards (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Josh Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC)
10. Eddie Klimara (Titan Mercury WC)
11. David Terao (DCAC)

61 kg
1. Joe Colon (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Jon Morrison (New York AC)
3. Nahshon Garrett (Sunkist Kids)
4. Brandon Wright (New York AC)
5. Cody Brewer (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Tyler Graff (Titan Mercury WC)
7. Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids)
8. Nico Megaludis (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Cory Clark (Titan Mercury WC)
10. Chris Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
11. Alan Waters (Titan Mercury WC)
12. Darrius Little (New York AC)

65 kg
1. Logan Stieber (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Joey McKenna (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Josh Kindig (Sunkist Kids)
5. John Simmons (New York AC)
6. Nick Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
7. Anthony Abidin (New York AC)
8. Joey Lazor (Panther WC)
9. Jaydin Eierman (Missouri Wrestling RTC)
10. Jayson Ness (Minnesota Storm)
11. Robbie Matthers (Sunkist Kids)

70 kg
1. Frank Molinaro (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Chase Pami (Sunkist Kids)
3. Alec Pantaleo
4. Jason Chamberlain (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Hunter Stieber (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Dylan Ness (Minnesota Storm)
7. Hayden Hidlay (Wolfpack WC)
8. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)
9. Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton WC)

74 kg
1. Isaiah Martinez (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Dan Vallimont (New York AC)
3. Quinton Godley (Wolfpack WC)
4. Evan Wick (Titan Mercury WC)

79 kg
1. Kyle Dake (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Michael Evans (Buies Creek RTC)
4. Josh Asper (Navy-Marine Corps)

86 kg
1. David Taylor (Nittany Lions WC)
2. Richard Perry (New York AC)
3. Pat Downey (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Tim Dudley (Sunkist Kids)

92 kg
1. J’den Cox (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota Storm)
3. Enock Francois (New York AC)
4. Deron Winn (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Kenny Courts (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Josh Manu (Navy-Marines Corp)
7. Nikko Reyes (Valley RTC)

97 kg
1. Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids)
2. Ty Walz (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Nathan Burak (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Austin Schafer (New York AC)
5. Blaize Cabell (Valley RTC)

125 kg
1. Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids)
2. Zach Rey (New York AC)
3. Jake Varner (Nittany Lion WC)
4. Adam Coon (New York AC)
5. Gable Steveson (Minnesota Storm)
6. Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm)
7. Tanner Hall (Arizona State)
8. Michael Kosoy (Titan Mercury WC)
9. Johnathan Gingrich (New York AC)


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2018 U.S. Open Women’s seeds

By: Todd Conner

The seeds for the 2018 Women’s U.S. Open were released. Titan Mercury Wrestling Club has eleven wrestlers seeded in the top four at their weight. TMWC is led by number one seeds Jacarra Winchester (55 kg/121 lbs.), Megan Black (57 kg/125.5 lbs.), Mallory Velte (62 kg/136.5 lbs.), Forrest Molinari (65 kg/143 lbs.), and Tamyra Stock (68 kg/149.75 lbs.). That is five of the ten weights at the U.S. Open with a TMWC wrestler seeded #1. That is very impressive. Amy Fearnside is seeded fourth at 50 kg, Cody Pfau is third at 53 kg, Dominique Parrish is second at 55 kg, Alexandra Hedrick is third at 57 kg, Amanda Hendey is fourth at 62 kg and Alyvia Fiske is third at 72 kg. Action for the Women’s U.S. Open begins at 9 AM PST today with the finals on Friday at 7 PM PST. Good luck to the TMWC wrestlers.

Women’s freestyle seeds for the U.S. Open 

50 kg
1. Victoria Anthony (Sunkist Kids)
2. Whitney Conder (U.S. Army WCAP)
3. Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Erin Golston (New York AC)

53 kg
1. Haley Augello (New York AC)
2. Sarah Hildebrandt (New York AC)
3. Cody Pfau (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Dajan Treder (unattached)
5. Gabriellle Weyhrich (McKendree Bearcat WC)
6. Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids)

55 kg/121 lbs.
1. Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Dominique Parrish (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Cameron Guerin (Team Takedown)
4. Tayler Resuriz (McKendree Bearcat WC)

57 kg/125.5 lbs.
1. Megan Black (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Breanna Delgado (Aires WC)
3. Alexandra Hedrick (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Koral Sugiyama (Campbellsville)
5. Michaela Beck (New York AC)

59 kg/130 lbs.
1. Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids)
2. Lauren Louive (New York AC)
3. Abigail Nette (Lions WC/Emmanuel)
4. Allison Petix (King University)
5. Brenda Reyna (McKendree Bearcat WC)

62 kg/136.5 lbs.
1. Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids)
3. Jenna Burkert (U.S. Army WCAP)
4. Amanda Hendey (Titan Mercury WC)

65 kg/143 lbs.
1. Forrest Molinari (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Julia Salata (New York AC)
3. Jaydin Laurent (Musky WC)
4. Alexis Porter (New York AC)
5. Kayla Marano (Lions WC/Emmanuel)
6. Katerina Lobsinger (U.S. Army WCAP)68 kg/149.75
1. Tamyra Stock (Titan Mercury WC)
2. Alexandria Glaude (McKendree Bearcat WC)
3. Randyll Beltz (U.S. Army WCAP)
4. Jasmine Bailey (McKendree Bearcat WC)

72 kg/158.75 lbs.
1. Erin Clodgo (Sunkist Kids)
2. Rachel Watters (New York AC)
3. Alyvia Fiske (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Evonne Evien (unattached)
5. Hannah Gladden (Lions WC/Emmanuel)
6. Anastasia Lobsinger (U.S. Army WCAP)

76 kg/167 lbs.
1. Adeline Gray (New York AC)
2. Korianahe Bullock (McKendree Bearcat WC)
3. Leilani Camargo-Naone (MWC Wrestling Academy)
4. Janelle Fuamatu (McKendree Bearcat WC)
5. Mariah Harris (Campbellsville)

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